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Chicken Tribe

An NFT Project

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Chicken Tribe NFTs are a collection of programmatically, randomly generated NFTs on the Solana blockchain. The 1st generation consists of 3,000 randomly assembled Chickens. Each Chicken is comprised of unique traits and the possibilities are endless!

Chicken Tribe Roadmap



  • Generate NFT collection.
  • Partner with other projects for NFT giveaways.
  • Launch marketing website with comic strips and other project information.
  • Announce Early Bird special perks.
  • Do price/quantity discovery with community input.

Launch Day

October 29th

  • Deploy minting website using Metaplex's Candy-Machine.
  • Sell out!
  • List ChickenTribe on secondary market places.
  • Release rarity chart and list rarities on listing websites.


After 50% sold.

  • Form a legal DAO in Wyoming.
  • Form on-chain governance with Realms the Mango DAO providers.
  • Continue writing the storyline for ChickenTribe.
  • Work with community members to sell Comic Book Ads for the Chicken Tribe comic. And send the proceeds to a community wallet.
  • Create a referral program so the community can help connect Chicken Tribe with other projects that want to advertise with us.

The Chicken Lore

Check out the full story behind the Chicken Tribe, and how they came to be. The story is still on-going and every new piece of the tale will be posted first on our Twitter.

The Tribe behind the Chickens

The Future Steve


Exiled Ape

Community Organizer